Jen Szeto of Window of Imagination is a blogger who doesn’t blog.  Abandoning URLs she brings her stunningly  captured voyages and artfully styled outfit post to us via Instagram.

– We challenge you not to loose yourself in her wanderlust fashion forward feed.

Here we talk to our daily source of Jewelspiration Szeto.

How would you describe your jewellery style ?

Purposeful and eye-catching. Jewelry for me is wearable art that ties an outfit together. I mostly stick with solid golds and sterling silvers; the bigger and more abstract the shape, the better.

Windows of Imagination wearing the Mermaid Earrings from Magpie on the Run

Who would you like trade jewellery boxes with and why ?

I would love to borrow Sissy Saint Marie’s jewelry box (and closet) for even just a day… She’s one of those timeless beauties who always knows how to tastefully accessorize without being ostentatious.


Which item in your wardrobe best personifies you and why ?

I truly adore these hand-shaped earrings I have that were made by my friend and local SF designer, Erin Diane Silva. They’re fun, imperfect, and always a conversation starter — like me!

Hand Earrings by Erin Diane Silva

Which three Instagram accounts are your daily go tos for inspiration ?

Ah, it’s so hard to pick just three… I’d say my absolute go-tos are @thismintymoment for architectural wanderlust, @maggieontherocks for impeccable fashion curation, and @septembredit for beautiful Scandinavian home & lifestyle inspiration.







Which four pieces of jewellery should be a staple in a women’s jewellery boxes ?

Gosh, that really depends on the woman’s personal taste! I know for myself it’d be shapely earrings, thin stacking rings, a statement necklace, and a watch. But generally I’d say invest in the long game — source quality, versatile pieces that stand the test of time and cost per wear. Jen Szeto Windows of Imagination in Waif Mermaid Earrings from Magpie on the Run

What is the best style advice you’ve ever been given ? 

It’s not about what you can add but what you can take away.

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