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Hypnobirthing #mumboss Hollie De Cruz is the creator of The Yes Mum cards. For Mamas, Boss’ and Papas alike , her little boxes of positive affirmations not only give you that warm fuzzy feeling we all need but also light a fire under you and motivate you in ways you didn’t think possible.

Hollie takes the centre stage next as we speak to this Mama Magpie

Which YESMUM card would you apply to your current day and why?

The card I turned over this morning was “I don’t have to do it all” and that’s really apt for me at the moment. I tend to do a lot of juggling and always feel like I’m trying to keep the plates spinning. My business has lots of strands to it which I thrive on developing and growing but above all I’m a mother, and that is always my priority. Due to the nature of my work I’m lucky enough to get invited to lots of brilliant events for instance, but with my son at his dad’s 3 nights a week, it’s really important to me that I’m with him on my nights, which means I tend to say no to more things than I might do otherwise. I obviously then feel guilty and have the fear/anxiety of missing out (damn that feeling right?), so remembering that I don’t have to do it all – and what my priorities are – is my message for the moment I guess.


Do you ever use fashion to empower you, and if so how?

I’d say so yes. I’m far from being a fashionista but I like to feel good in what I’m wearing. I also buy fewer but better clothes than I used to. Moving away from disposable fashion and buying more sustainable items feels empowering because it feels like taking a little side step away from the quick/mindless consumer culture, which as I get older, has made me feel increasingly uncomfortable. I think this shift towards longevity, sustainability and more conscious consumerism is a positive thing.







Who are your style icons?

I just adore women who wear what they want instead of blindly following fashion regardless of how they feel. The clothes you wear can really help you to express yourself and I love the way people like Nat at Style me Sunday and Erica Davies do that. My friend Amanda at Kit & Kaboodle also just has this amazing knack of putting things together that I’d never even consider, so some inspiration from her and Zoe at Dress Like a Mum definitely help to take me our of my comfort zone.

Which pieces are you currently coveting from Magpie on the Run? 

I’m a big fan of Myia and Matthew Calvin jewellery. Their designs are really simple and stylish and as someone who loves to wear shirts under jumpers, one of their pieces can finish off an outfit nicely!

Matthew Calvin Long Bar Earrings
Matthew Calvin Long Bar Earrings

What advice would you give to fellow mums looking at starting their own business? 

I’m really tempted to say “just go for it” but I think if I’m really honest and speak from experience I would say don’t rush into it and really take some time and space to think about everything it involves. There’s a real movement of women starting their own businesses at the moment and it’s ridiculously exciting to see all of these incredible ideas, products and voices coming from a historically unrepresented sector of society. I think we risk falling into a place where we glorify the idea of being busy at all times though, and I worry that women who chose to be at-home mothers feel like being a mother isn’t enough. It is enough. It is SO enough, and if you want to start a business do it because you’re insanely passionate about it, not because you feel you should be doing more. You don’t need to start a business to be a boss.

If you decide you do want to start a business my advice would be to speak to other entrepreneurs to get a real sense of what it involves, and read around the subject too. There are some great books about building businesses out there – Start Stomething that Matters is my personal favourite, and The Four Hour Work Week. Also books like Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg and Thrive by Arianna Huffington give some amazing insight into what success really means.

Describe your ideal Mother’s Day

My perfect day would be spent soaking up my gorgeous son Oscar, as time together feels so precious now that he’s at school. Oscar is such an outdoorsy kid so maybe a walk in the woods with our dachshund Ruby or playing top trumps over a pizza. Then maybe a bit of me-time, having a massage, reading a book in a café with a massive coffee and eggs or if I’m feeling truly decadent – going back to bed!


Images : The Yes Mum , Pinterest, Style me Sunday, Dress like a Mum.



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