With her flair for mixing prints and styles it’s no surprise that Elle Netherland recently crowned blogger Celeste van Joost of  Celematique the best Street Styler of 2016. Here she talks to us about style inspirations and the outfits which best personify her.

Who first sparked your passion for fashion?

That has to be my mother. I grew up having both parents working in the fashion industry; my mother is a fashion designer. When me and my brother were little we were already dressed up differently than other kids. My parents loved that, haha. That’s the thing, fashion was so ’normal’ to us and very present in our daily life. I think the passion for fashion is truly in the genes.

Jacket by Celeste’s mother, designer Ellen Haeser.

Which item in your wardrobe best personifies you and why? 

A Batik bomber jacket from Indonesia that my brother gave to me. Even though I don’t wear it very often, it’s one of my favourite items. The jacket is reversible: one side has a red Batik print, the other side white & blue, but both sides are just as interesting. The jacket has a positive vibe to it. It represents my roots, love for prints, and the fact that no matter what your mood is like: stay positive at all times.

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We love your flair for mixing styles and clashing prints. Who or what inspires your style? 

Very simple: different cultures. To me, great style is about mixing. Mixing materials, cultural attire, prints, etc. So basically everywhere I go, I’m able to get inspired.

Tell us about your jewellery style and how does it compliment your clothes?

I adjust my jewellery style to the outfits that I’m wearing. Sometimes I go all out with bold pieces, sometimes I like to go minimalistic. It really depends on the look I want to create. I remember during Amsterdam Fashion Week I was wearing an African inspired look with different prints, the trousers made of Vlisco fabric. I completed the look with three big and bold necklaces, pretty dramatic. Nevertheless it just matched the look.

 Which piece(s) are you currently coveting from Magpie on the Run and how would you style them? 

 A lot. Haha! But I’m looking forward to create another interesting look with the colorful Aziza necklace. Or the Derin necklace! I’d think they both go well with some colorful clothing like blue or orange. Or perhaps with a basic creme colored top and high waisted culottes. Many options!

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