We were beyond excited when we found out Emma Gannon was going to be one of the speakers at this year’s Stylist Live ( Emma’s on Thursday’s line up along side fellow Magpie Muse Cherry Healey).

Gannon’s podcasts Ctrl Alt, Delete in which she interviews an inspiring girl gang of boss’ is the soundtrack to many a nights in Magpie HQ.

Here we talk to her about dream podcast guests , style inspirations and those items lurking in the back of the wardrobe that one really should delete.

You’re a novelist, podcaster and blogger,  what’s next on your list to conquer? 

I’m excited to create things across many different mediums so I feel the next platform for me to dip my toe into is writing for the screen. I’m playing around with ideas at the moment, but it’s something I’m really interested in. I studied film scriptwriting at University alongside my English degree and loved it, so it kinda makes sense that I keep thinking about it! I go to the cinema with my boyfriend a lot, we’re obsessed. I’ve always really loved the idea of one day working in a “writer’s room” for a TV show too.

Your podcast ‘Ctrl , Alt, Delete’ has featured a killer line up from former child actress Mara Wilson, to Wardrobe Mistress Pandora Sykes and our Magpie Muse Sheri Scott of Forever yours Betty.  If you could interview one literary character who would it be and why?

Ooh that’s such a good question! You know I reckon it would have to be Tracy Beaker. She was my favourite characters as a young teen and Jacqueline Wilson was my fave author, I owned all her books. I’m guessing Tracy Beaker would be the same age as me now, roughly? I always thought she was rebellious and cool and didn’t take anyone’s crap – I just loved her! So yeah, she’d be an amazing podcast guest.

Which Instagram accounts are your daily go tos for inspiration ?

I love @PandoraSykes for her wardrobe inspiration. I love @LenaDunham’s because it’s unstaged and real, and you get some behind the scenes glimpses into her work, whether it’s shooting GIRLS or campaigning. And @FreddieHarrel, love her travel and fashion posts, she is just the coolest girl ever







Describe your signature style  in 5 words. 

Colourful. Accessible. Expressive. Relaxed. Unruly.

Whose wardrobe dead or alive would you most like to raid?

IRIS APFEL!!!   I’m becoming more and more obsessed with jewellery, and in my opinion she is the queen of jewellery and style. You know there’s that fashion rule that says “always take one item of jewellery off before you leave the house”? I definitely don’t abide by that! More the merrier.


Which item in your wardrobe is … 

+ Out of  Ctrl [ Control]  in the most fabulous way? 

I have a blue fur coat from Reiss and that my boyfriend says makes me look like the Cookie Monster.

+ What piece do you put on to help Alt [Alter] your mood and get you out of a funk ? 

A crazy bold vintage dress from Beyond Retro. Instantly makes me feel brave and powerful.

+ What piece should you Delete ? 

Maybe a few old bikinis that are still in my drawer and hanging by a thread and have faded. I’m so bad at chucking things out, but they have to go!

My favourite item in my wardrobe currently is my yellow coat from Zara. The texture is really cool and I quite like standing out on the tube. Yellow instantly puts me in a good mood.


What is the best style advice you’ve ever been given ? 

Make sure you always feel like yourself. You can’t have fun in an outfit that makes you feel uncomfortable. Try not to dress for others, and dress for yourself.  


Emma Gannon

Emma’s novel ‘Cltrl, Alt , Delete’ is out know and make sure you dowload Emma’s podcast  for some GirlBoss Inspo.

Images : Emma Gannon, @Pandora Sykes, @Freddie Harrel , @LenaDunham



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