Orange is the new Black???

Well … not where our favourite raven haired and all round “Betty”, blogger Sheri Scott is concerned . She has been flying the flag for red-headed beauties for years,  whilst serving up all sorts of instaglam-ness with her awarding winning blog Forever Yours Betty.

We caught up with our Magpie Muse to talk handbags, cartoon heroes and of course all things orange.


Scottish Blogger Forever Yours Betty

There is always a element of fun in each of your outfits, whether if be your colour choices or quirky handbags.  How do you go about putting looks together ?

Why thank you! I always start with one item then build an outfit around it. I love to create as many ways as possible to wear my favourite pieces, especially my personality items! For me, these statement pieces make an outfit whether it be a funky vintage shirt or novelty shaped handbag! 

Which item in your wardrobe best personifies you and why?

I would say any one of my collaboration bags with Sara Sboul.




clutch bag

We created a limited run of 3 handbags all based around my personality. So lots of orange, cute faces and my beloved texture. The bucket bag was modelled on a sassy can of Irn Bru whereas the Little Bitch Bag was a homage to the Toad from Super Mario Brothers. The clutch bag had to have my signature open mouth smile, so it’s very personal to me. It was so fun to do together and I love showing them off.

Who is your style icon?

I tend to get most of my style inspiration from cartoons and fictional characters. From Judy Jetson to Daria, Jem and the Holograms to Velma from Scooby Doo, I love injecting a sense of fun and colour to my outfits. Recently I’ve been revisiting my love for Jackie and Donna’s style from That 70’s Show as well as hints of texture ala Chanel Oberman from Scream Queens.

Forever Yours Betty in Silken Favours

You regularly champion new  independent designers , who should we have on our watch list at the moment?

Well of course there’s Sara Sboul, I also love Hayley Scanlan, handbags from Luna on the Moon and must have hoods from Chouchou Couture, the list could go on forever! I wore this incredible shirt from Silken Favours recently which I am dying to add to my collection, along with some Rosita Bonita jewellery or Lou Taylor brooches. I’m just about to collaborate with Jade Clark for the first time too which I am super excited about. I love how playful her clothing is.

Describe your jewellery style and how it compliments your clothes ? 

With jewellery I am either one extreme or another. I love statement brooches on jackets or in the button holes of shirts, or classic minimalism if I am wearing with loud pieces. I tend to be more of a brooch and necklace girl rather than earrings and bangles.

What piece (s) are you currently coveting from Magpie on the Run and how would you style them?

I love all the simplistic rings and would love to see them either stacked together, or worn with some clean lines and a pop of colour.


Betty in stripes


Forever Yours Betty



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